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What others say........

'I honestly don't think I would have had the confidence to stick so strong to my plan and achieve the birth I wanted if we hadn't have had your class'         

'I can honestly say I would have been lost without Sammy's class. I was so worried about labour and birth before but now i feel educated, excited and confident about giving birth. Sammy is incredible, she has such a calming influence and she is really is there for you 24/7 not just the 1.5 hrs a week. I'm so glad the classes were recommended to me.' 


'When lockdown was announced, I was nervous as I was due to start the antenatal classes with Sammy and was worried it wouldn't be the same doing the classes via zoom. I was pleasantly surprised by the benefits of doing these classes from the comfort of your own home. Sammy was very welcoming and and inclusive always checking in with everyone to see how there week had been. Thank you Sammy for running these classes despite the circumstances. I really learnt a lot form them.'

'I'm expecting my second baby and a wanted a different type of antenatal class this time around. I was sceptical about attending the classes virtually at first but it was brilliant. I got the same experience without having to leave my house! The classes provided me with a very practical bank of tools for use in labour and beyond, as well as providing an opportunity to relax every week and focus on my baby' 


"Fantastic class. Sammy is truly brilliant and very friendly. She makes you feel relaxed and provides invaluable information on birthing and labour. I enjoyed it so much I’ve booked another term. She helps to introduce you to other mummies to be which provides an invaluable support network. I would highly recommend"

"This course has been a lifeline for me, reducing anxieties, allaying fears, educating me on aspects of labour that I never knew about and helping me meet new friends. Centred and calm, Sammy has guided me through this course with fantastic support and understanding."

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