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Tropic Skin Care



Tropic is a UK based skincare brand that makes products that work whilst being transparent and ethical.


Alongside all things birth-related, I am also super conscious of what products I use on mine and my family’s skin.


My interest in skincare started when I struggled to find a product that relieved my daughter’s eczema – and in fact found most creams did more harm than good.  Luckily I was recommended Tropic products and within a few days of applying my daughter’s skin was completely healed.



Before discovering Tropic, I had never even considered that skincare could potentially be causing me harm. After some research I realised many household brands contain some nasty chemicals, whereas all Tropic products are made from 100% natural ingredients.


As well as recognising that what you use on your skin is important - after all our skin is our largest organ - Tropic also aim to be a force for good beyond beauty:


  • They NEVER test on animals making all of their products 100% cruelty free

  • They are a certified Carbon Neutral company meaning they do not contribute to harmful emissions that cause global warming.

  • Their ingredients are all sustainably sourced meaning they are protecting the environment and helping the world be a greener place.


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the products or please follow the link below to my online Tropic e-shop.