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About Me


Having moved from Bristol to Devon, my husband Olly and I got married and decided to start a family. We started with 2 cats, and we now have 2 young children, Eloise and Ozzy, and a Labrador named Monty.

When I first discovered I was pregnant with my first child, my initial thoughts about birth were surrounded by fear from dramatised portrayals and horror stories I had been told.  I was determined to educate myself properly so I could fully understand what might happen, and how I could positively embark upon this magical journey.  This led to a complete passion for supporting others through their stories.

During both my pregnancies, I discovered that learning about my pregnant body set me up for 2 very empowering birth experiences.  I attended weekly antenatal classes that focussed on both active labour, which is the freedom to work with gravity and adopt positions that feel instinctively natural during birth, and amazing breathing techniques.  I found that pregnancy yoga really prepared my body for labour, as well as providing a calm and relaxing environment for me to focus my mind.

I initially struggled with the transition into motherhood but found that the friends I had made during the birth classes were a real lifeline in terms of support and understanding.  The ability to build an Exhale community that supports friendship, shared experiences and trust is extremely important to me and something I am so proud to be able to provide.

In 2017 I began a year long training course to become a Perinatal Educator and have been supporting women in pregnancy through to parenthood via various classes and workshops ever since. Having qualified in KG Hypnobirthing and become aThe Mindful Birth Group affiliate, a trained mindfulness 10 of Zen Teacher and as a Sally Parkes Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, I now have the complete tools to mentor women and their birth partners and prepare them for every eventuality. ​

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